Flo Friedrich, born 1979 and raised in southern Germany, studied directing for feature film with an additional degree in commercial directing at the renowned University of Television and Film Munich, Germany.
 Scripting and directing the infamous Lada-trilogy as a student spec project won him numerous awards, both in Germany and abroad, and gained him a foothold in the commercial industry. 


Flo Friedrich is based in Munich. His background in writing, visual arts and editing manifests itself on film in both conceptually and visually strong work with a very peculiar flow and charm to it. 






Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Mercedes Benz Trucks, Renault/Dacia, Deutsche Telekom, Saturn, BER Airport Berlin, Bahlsen, IKEA Switzerland, RaboBank, Osram OS, Migros, Deutsche Bahn Regio, WWF, Suissetec



Big Fish Filmproduktion, Markenfilm Group Germany, Markenfilm Switzerland, Schokolade Filmproduktion, NeueSuper, SundayDigital, AddPictures, Hungry Man UK, Believe Media UK 



Jung von Matt, Interone, Scholz & Friends, Kolle Rebbe, Lukas Lindemann Rosinski, DDB, Serviceplan, Grabarz & Partner, Publicis Pixelpark, Wirz





Mercedes Benz Trucks / Truckerstories: ADC 2012 - Bronze (Crossmedia)


Mercedes Benz / Marder: Die Klappe 2012 - Bronze (Webfilm)


Lada Niva Roscosmos Edition: ADC*Europe 2011: Student of the Year, Saatchi & Saatchi NGDSC 2011, ADC 2011: Student of the Year, Cristal Festival 2010: Young Directors Cristal, Europrix 2010: Gold (VFX), Kurz&Schön 2010: Silver (Commercial), First Steps 2010: Commercial Award, Spotlight 2010: Gold Student